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Birkbeck, University of London


September, January


Bloomsbury, Stratford London


Computer Science and Information Systems Economics.

About University

Birkbeck University of London Overview

Birkbeck University is known as a flexible style University in the UK with classes held in the evening. The University offers the possibility of working and studying at the same time. The University makes a difference by offering evening- teaching classes. They are on the list between the world’s top research universities and part of the prestigious University of London. This focused way of learning attracts a special type of student: someone dedicated to their studies and determined to improve themselves. That’s why studying at Birkbeck is both intense and enjoyable – and why it transforms people’s lives. The University offers a large range of full-time and part-time courses for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or Research Students. At the same time, short courses are offered to students or professionals who want to develop their skills.

Rankings and Achievements

  • NSS 2021 Rank-69
  • QS Ranking-332
  • THE- 351–400


In London the man who first felt the importance of educating working people was Dr. George Birkbeck. On 11th November 1823, in the evening he delivered a speech on this topic and there were hundreds of audience to hear him. Many important supporters also attended the program including an MP, Philosopher, an educational reformer, and so on.

London Mechanics’ institution was established according to the thought of Dr. George Birkbeck on 2 December 1823. He wanted the working population would gain knowledge of basic science, art, and economics. But controversies followed him. He again felt the necessity of proper education and this time many donors and supporters raised funds for the institution.

Birkbeck was the first university that admitted females as their students in 1830. In 1858, the University of London’s Charter decided to arrange degree examinations. Students who had not enough financial support for their full-time study started to give priority to Birkbeck.

Birkbeck finally became part of the University of London (UK) in 1920. It had decided to continue the offer of evening courses.

Faculties and Departments

  • Arts

  • Business, Economics, and Informatics

  • Law

  • Science

  • Social Sciences, History Philosophy

    Fees & Scholarship

    International tuition fees: £14,280-18,780


    Birkbeck university offers different ranges of scholarships to minimize the cost of tuition and living of international students. Eligible students of undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. can expect these scholarships. Some are provided directly by the university and some are available in partnership with other organizations. Names of some scholarships are-

    • Birkbeck international scholarships
    • Birkbeck global future scholarships
    • Commonwealth scholarships
    • Eric Hobsbawm scholarships
    • Chevening scholarships


Students of Birkbeck mostly prefer private accommodation and the institute helps them to find their houses. Like other institutes, Birkbeck also offers accommodation for their students by providing places in partners’ halls.  For full-time new students, there are opportunities in the University of London intercollegiate halls, for existing full-time students there are many options, they also can live in shared accommodation and get accommodation scholarships from Birkbeck. Besides, part-time students and families can rent private houses, and couples and families also can get seats in halls. There are wheelchair facilities in special rooms, short-term accommodations are available too.

Facilities & Services

The university gives many attractive on-campus facilities and services. It always gives priority to students’ requirements and queries. We can name some of them here-

  • Modern building facilities
  • Advice Service
  • Careers Service
  • Health and Safety services
  • Counselling Service
  • IT Help and Support
  • Students' skills, development, and training services


Like other well-ranked universities, Birkbeck also prepares their students for real-world job sectors. The alumni of Birkbeck are dedicated and passionate, they interact with students and share their skills and professional experience. Former students of the university are all in peak positions include MPs, top-ranking Civil Servants, successful entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Many of them are involved with the world’s most prestigious arts, cultural, and charity organizations also.

Birkbeck provides opportunities to meet alumni at open evenings, they organize mentoring schemes, employability seminars, and other professional development events too. Through these opportunities, students can learn more about what employers want, how to get into particular sectors or industries or to hear more about what entrepreneurship and social enterprise mean and involve.


BSc (Hons) Psycology with Forensic Scene Investigation


BA (Hons) Social Care Management

She's a college standout

BA (Hons) Social science


BA (Hons) Sociology


BSc (Hons) Spot and Exercise- Leading to named routes


BSc (Hons) Spot and Exercise Science