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Coventry University


September, January


Coventry, UK


International Experience, Automotive Courses, Engineering, Business and Management, Health and Life Sciences, Art and Design

About University

Overview of Coventry University

Coventry University is home to over 13,000 international and EU students enrolled in the university’s campuses across the United Kingdom, with over 17,000 studying in partner educational institutions across the world.

The Coventry University is considered as a top 15 University in the United Kingdom (UK) according to The Guardian University Guide 2020. It is also awarded highest rating in teaching called TEF Gold according to Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2017). The University is selected as the University of the Year for Student Experience Source – The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019

Coventry University provides financial support opportunities to MRes and Ph.D. students who need it for a project or require placement with an international dimension through the international experience plan.

Rankings and Achievements

NSS 2021 Rank-58
QS Ranking-601-650
THE- 601–800
The Guardian-38

History of Coventry University

Coventry college is a forward-looking, present day college with a good practice as a supplier of great education and provides attention on qualitative research.

The beginnings of Coventry University can be followed back to the establishing of the Coventry School of Design in 1843. Later this was renamed as the Coventry School of Art. However, it was again renamed in the early 20th century to the Municipal Art School as part of the Education Act 1902. One last name change took place during the 1950s, when it became known as the College of Art.

In 1970, the Lanchester College of Technology and the College of Art, along with the Rugby College of Engineering Technology in the adjoining town of Rugby, combined to form Lanchester Polytechnic. The establishment was designated as such in February 1971 by then Education Secretary Margaret Thatcher.
The name Lanchester provided the organization with a specific level of anonymity, as it was often mistaken for both Lancaster and Manchester, prominently when none of the candidates on the BBC Radio 4 general knowledge show Brain of Britain could give its right area. The polytechnic dropped its graduation ceremony in 1974 after the Birmingham bar bombings in dread that public gatherings could be designated; the ceremony was at last held after 35 years in 2009. Lanchester Polytechnic was renamed “Coventry Polytechnic” in 1987, and when the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 managed the cost of Coventry Polytechnic college status that year, the name was changed to Coventry University.


Arts and Humanities
Engineering, Environment and Computing
Coventry Business School
Health and Life Science
Coventry Law School

Students Statistics

Undergraduate – 82%
Postgraduate – 18%
Full-time students – 86%
Part-time students –14%
UK students– 65%
EU students-10%
International students –25%
Female – 48%
Male – 52%

Breakdown of the Fee Structure

International students will have to pay around £13,250-£16,700.

Coventry University Scholarships

Coventry University provides universities with a wide range of scholarships to eligible students from certain subject areas or selected countries. The university provides sports scholarships and the EU Academic Award in September 2022.

The university is currently offering the following scholarships which you can choose based on your academic eligibility and departmental criteria.

International Pathways Scholarship
Postgraduate Territory Award
Alumni discount
Undergraduate Territory Award
EU Transition Bursary
Churches Together Hardship Fund- and many more.
Do you see yourself studying at Coventry University? If you do, you can start your application process to enroll in your choice of programme offered at the university today, and you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you fill out and submit the application and streamline the entire process, ensuring you meet all the requirements and submit the proper paperwork.

Student Support

Coventry University provides students access to their recruitment agency called thefutureworks to help them find work within and outside the university. Temporary roles that students can assume within the university include customer service, student ambassadors, and sports and recreational assistants.

The Students’ Union provides flexible roles to students along with support to SU projects and events. The university also provides online access to help them develop their skills from anywhere they are. These skills include writing at the Centre for Academic Writing and maths at Sigma.

The SU Advice Centre helps resolves the concerns of students. The university has established individual and workshop services to provide support to students with a specific learning difficulty. Students can also seek counselling and mental health support. They also offer disability support for students requiring help with their studies and navigating student life.

Students can access the Lanchester Library, which is open at all hours for both individual and group study. The university provides students with access to more than one million educational resources from e-journals to eBooks and multimedia.

Additionally, the university provides more than 1,000 individual study spaces and more than 550 computer workstations, including a free laptop on loan and 24/7 wireless service.

Student Life

The university is located in Coventry, which is an affordable, beautiful, and multicultural city. The city is home to several shops, theatre, cafes, museums, cinemas, sports venues, and live music. In Coventry, students can visit several different city-centre music venues such as the Kasbah, Empire, and the Tin Music and Arts.

The city hosts the Godiva music festival, which happens every year. Students can visit the Ricoh Arena, which puts on several shows from big-name comedy and musical acts. The stadium is also the hone to the Wasps Netball and the Wasps Rugby.

Students can also try food from all over the world. The international cuisines available in the city include American, the Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Asian, British, and French. Coventry has been awarded the UK City of Culture 2021, and the city will also host some of the events of the 2022 Commonwealth Games events.

The conveniently located sites in Scarborough and London provide students with easy access to several different cultural and entertainment options.

Living Accommodations

Self-catered accommodation costs £110 to £199 each week and catered accommodation costs £130.

Coventry University guarantees living accommodation to all first-year students if they meet the eligibility criteria. They provide a varied selection of living facilities, which include managed and partnership accommodation and university-owned properties.

Every managed hall and university-owned property automatically includes RedLife membership with discounts and offers. Students can choose to stay in standard or premium living accommodations such as a studio and en suite.

The university also provides several different social and study areas, game consoles, car parking, TVpackages, and more at an additional cost. Other on-site facilities include the food court and a coffee shop.

They can also visit Square One and SU for entertainment purposes ranging from live music to quiz nights. The university offers faith support, which includes prayer rooms, multi-faith meeting rooms, a chapel, and a library.


Students can easily walk and cycle around the city. The railway station from the university is a 10-minute walk with both regular local and InterCity transportation services available. The bus station is near the city, which goes to local destinations and certain cities in the UK. Some local services provide students with discounts.

Birmingham Airport from the city is 20-minutes by rail or road. Every university campus has access to good transport links and students can easily travel by bus, rail, or road.


BSc (Hons) Psycology with Forensic Scene Investigation


BA (Hons) Social Care Management

She's a college standout

BA (Hons) Social science


BA (Hons) Sociology


BSc (Hons) Spot and Exercise- Leading to named routes


BSc (Hons) Spot and Exercise Science