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Newcastle upon Tyne, England


Computer Science, Business, Media

About University


Newcastle University is a well-known public research university with excellent teaching quality and research across multiple and exciting amounts of subject areas. It is a students’ favourite city-centre campus with around 50-acre lands at Newcastle. If anyone wants to specialize in any research-oriented field and show the best performance in the field of employment, this is the perfect place to hold on. Thus, to be successful in the future and achieve great things students are welcomed here all of a sudden. Newcastle provides a challenging and outstanding learning experience through sustainable academic excellence. Therefore, International students also prefer Newcastle University most as it is one of the Russell Group of research-oriented universities. Last but not least, Newcastle University’s award-winning Careers Support teem provides careers advice even for life after graduation and shows the different career paths with the most out of the university experience.

Rankings and Achievements of Newcastle University

The achievements of Newcastle are abundant. The rich archive shows:

  • The achievement of identifying cholera’ a waterborne disease.
  • Inventing the Davy safety lamp,
  • World’s First Passenger Train,
  • The first electric lamp,
  • The steam turbine, identify the major brain biochemical defect, and so on.


In 1834, the Newcastle University was established as the School of Medicine and Surgery, and in 1871, it was grounded in the Armstrong College. Then in 1937, the two colleges unitedly inaugurated the federal University of Durham as well as King’s College which achieved the excellency in fundamental disciplines. It shows the success in the field of science, mathematics, naval architecture, engineering, arts, literature, and so on. Therefore, during the period of industrialization, the university gained a strong civic sense in the City of Newcastle. Afterward, in 1963, the federal University was closed down and King’s College was survived in the name of Newcastle University.


There are over 200 undergraduate degrees as well as 300 postgraduate degrees are available to choose from at Newcastle University. Students can choose any discipline by following their choice and eligibility. Each faculty has Pro-vice-chancellors and a team of Deans. Their responsibilities are also clearly defined. Newcastle Teaching school is based on three faculties. Every faculty has distinguished subjects. Faculties are as follows

  • Faculty of Science, Agriculture, and Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences

Student Statistics

  • Undergraduate – 77%
  • Postgraduate – 23%
  • Full-time students – 95%
  • Part-time students – 5%
  • UK/EU students – 80%
  • International students – 20%
  • Female – 52%
  • Male – 48%

Fee Structure of Newcastle University

The International tuition fee is £18,000-£24,000

Scholarships of Newcastle University
Newcastle University offers’ Overseas Research Scholarship Uk‘ for International students to study Ph.D. degree in any discipline. Most importantly Newcastle students can have many scholarship opportunities:

  • Subject scholarships
  • Sports scholarships
  • Opportunity Scholarships
  • Vice-Chancellor’s EU Scholarships – Undergraduate
  • Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  • Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships
  • Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships – Europe
  • Vice Chancellor’s Business Excellence Scholarships – Europe
  • Vice Chancellor’s Global Scholarships
  • International Foundation Scholarship (INTO Newcastle University)
  • St Nicholas’ Educational Trust Scholarship
  • Newcastle University Sanctuary Scholarships

Besides that, a wide range of extra financial help is available in Newcastle. Such as:

  • Student Financial Support
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Childcare Support
  • Part-time and vacation work
  • Care leavers

Facilities and Services

Newcastle University (NCL) has several courses and programs leading to higher education degrees. Entrance examinations are held according to students’ past academic record and grades. Besides that, Newcastle Undergraduate students can have their work permit for 9-12 months. Therefore, a wide range of facilities and services are available here:

  • Library and housing facility,
  • Study abroad and exchange programs.
  • Sports facilities,
  • Financial aids as well as scholarships
  • Administrative services.

Student Life

The Newcastle University believes in ‘Aspire to Inspire’ and students are always appreciated for their brilliant success. The student-friendly campus guides the students to seek true passions. Student’s efforts and participation in clubs, societies, volunteering works make the campus vibrant as well as resonate. Therefore, an on-campus facility is available in which students get the opportunity to work. The facility is available for those who cannot make it to campus although can access what they need online. A student can pass a full course period with courage and enjoyment. Newcastle University’s Students’ Union (NUSU) gives their services like study support, financial or course advice all year round from Freshers’ Week to Alumni night. So, Student ‘Peer’ mentoring, Personal tutor, Clubs and societies, financial issues all responsibilities are handled by the Student’ Union.

Living Accommodation

The coastal, heritage, and countryside scenarios are found in Newcastle city. The university campus is situated in the central of the city. Over 5,000 guaranteed comfortable rooms are available in University halls. High-rise apartments with modern architecture attract all and it suits any student budget. Approximately 12 sites in total are seen at the campus. The Howden Court, Castle Leazes, Kensington Terrace, Leazes Parade, Liberty Plaza (managed partnership), Marris House, Park Terrace, and so on.


Newcastle has an excellent travel link. The Metro rail network creates the easy way connected from the airport to the North Sea coast. As a result, the International students appreciate always to travel one place to another. The Route Planners help to get the right path.

  • AA Route Planner
  • RAC route planner Therefore

Public transports, Metro Park and Ride are available to travel to the city centre. Students can also travel by plane as the Newcastle International Airport is closest to the city centre via Metro.

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