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Aberdeen, Scotland


Accounting & Finance, Civil Engineering, Computing Science, Dentistry

About University


The University of Aberdeen is a well-known research-based public university situated in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is one of the best ancient universities in Scotland. This is the third oldest university, and UK’s fifth that comprises three colleges – King’s College, Marischal College, and Christ’s College. The motto of this unique institute is ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. The biblical quote is reflected on the High Street at the King’s College campus and graduation certificates. The University has many popular subjects and students become interested with up-to-date information along with expert tutors. Moreover, students get an extraordinary learning environment and participate in world-class research activities. Especially, overseas students get the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and can make lifelong friendship. However, still the University is well-known for industry, research, learning and life.

University of Aberdeen Ranking

  • NSS 2021 Rank-9
  • QS Ranking- 205
  • THE- 178
  • The Guardian-20


The origin of the University of Aberdeen was found in 1495. At first, it was known as King’s College was established by William Elphinstone and then Bishop of Aberdeen who followed the model of European universities of Paris and Bologna. Even though, at that moment it was the first university in Aberdeen. In 1860, this institute emerged with the amalgamation of King’s and Marischal Colleges. It was the first time women became graduate in arts from the University and were a quarter of their faculty in 1898. In the 20th century, university campuses enlarged with new buildings. In 2012, the King’s College campus launched a new university library (the Sir Duncan Rice Library) by the Queen.

Subject Areas

The University of Aberdeen courses are very flexible for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University has12 schools and each school provides demandable courses. Students at Aberdeen can choose any of the disciplines according to their choice and eligibility. The faculties offer various subjects and so many research areas. The expert lecturers make sure standard teaching and inspire students with up-to-date research activities.

Faculties as well as schools are mentioned here:

  • Business School
  • Schools incorporating the Arts and Social Sciences
  • Schools incorporating the Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Schools incorporating the Physical Sciences
  • Postgraduate Research School

Student Statistics

  • Undergraduate – 67%
  • Postgraduate – 33%
  • Full-time students – 84%
  • Part-time students –16%
  • UK students– 66%
  • EU students-17%
  • International students -17%
  • Female – 58%
  • Male – 42%

Fee Structure of University of Aberdeen

The international tuition fee is £14,300-18,000

Scholarships of University of Aberdeen

There are several bursaries, scholarships, grants and financial support offered by the University for international students. Aberdeen provides an excellent offer for the international students ‘the Aberdeen Global Scholarship’. Especially, University of Aberdeen Masters applicants are eligible for international fee status who are domiciled from several countries. Likewise, China Scholarship Council (CSC) is available for the student from any discipline. Besides that many sports bursaries and scholarships are available in Aberdeen. Quita Shivas Athletics Scholarship, John Robertson Sports Scholarship, Thomson Memorial Prize, Andrew Beattie Sports Award Winning Students Scholarships all are included in sports scholarships.

Facilities and Services

  • Guaranteed accommodation facility for new students by providing applications within the deadline.
  • Aberdeen has a large Language Centre that provides friendly and professional services
  • Available virtual events and meetings with staff and current students.
  • The Aberdeen Research Futures fund helps to grow as postdoctoral researchers and to be successful in career fields.

Student Life

Aberdeen has a great Students’ Association (AUSA) which is open for all students. This unique institute has been holding a record of high position in the UK for student experience. Students from all over the world come here and enjoy new hobbies, cultures and existing interests. The Students’ Union is the mouthpiece of students that works for students’ welfare from the fresher’s week to Alumni night. Aberdeen University Sports Union has more than fifty sports clubs and wins medals. It also arranges multi-sport events in Aberdeen. Moreover, Aberdeen is surrounded by hundred twenty multiple clubs and societies along with departmental, political, cultural interests.

Aberdeen is an ambitious city along with charming history and a cosmopolitan community. The city is full of culture and entertainment, mainly it’s been seen in the centre of North East Scotland. Therefore, students can find a vibrant nightlife that makes sure of safety with purple flags.

Living Accommodation

University of Aberdeen accommodation is divided into two sections. One is postgrad accommodation and another is choosing accommodation. Some living places are mentioned here: Elizabeth Croll House, The Priory, London Rahere Court, etc. The Liberty House is known as Aberdeen Don Street House. Therefore, Spring Gardens, Farmers Hall Lodge, St Peter House, King Street Exchange, etc. are included in Aberdeen student accommodation.

Most importantly, students get catered accommodation at the University of Aberdeen like Keith House. Self-motivated students must choose catered accommodation who likes to cook or shop by themselves. Similarly, Aberdeen has private accommodation which required some considerable things under the Accommodation department.

Above all, students get en-suite as well as non en-suite facilities. Meanwhile, there is an option for choosing alcohol free or quiet accommodation. Most of the accommodation situated near to King’s Campus, Hillhead Student Village and the City Centre.


Aberdeen provides excellent transport modes like train, car, taxi, buses, etc. There is a direct air link to the European cities. Mega buses and coach services are available around the Aberdeen and to the rest of the UK. Local buses and taxis have been found at the centre of the town and airport. Thus, getting around the rest of Scotland and the UK is easy and renowned as Scotland’s safest University City.

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